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Volume 6, No. 1, Jan. 2015
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In vitro regeneration of Momordicadioica Roxb. through leaf derived callus

Swamy T N1 Bylla Prasad2 V Suresh1 and Md. Mustafa1

Plant Tissue culture and Molecular Taxonomy laboratory Department of Botany1, Department of Biotechnology2, Kakatiya University Warangal 506009 Telangana state India.

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Received: 01-05-2015,
Revised: 02-08-2015,
Accepted: 17-08-2015

The present work describes an efficient protocol for in vitro regeneration in  Momordica dioca with leaf explants. The leaf explants were inoculated on MS medium supplemented with different combinations and concentration of 3.0mg/l BAP+0.5mg/l NAA. After 3 weeks of cultures were observed proliferated callus this callus was turned to white friable and green compact callus in combination with high concentration with cytokinin (1 mg/l BAP). After sub culture of same callus in 3.0mg/l BAP+0.5mg/l NAA concentration were observed that 80% of regenerated plantlet was found. With low concentration of cytokinin (0.5 BAP) no callus induction were observed.

In vitro regeneration leaf derived callus BAPNAA

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Swamy TN Bylla Prasad V.Suresh and Md.Mustafa, 2015. In vitro regeneration of Momordicadioica Roxb. through leaf derived callus. Science Research Reporter, 5(2): 177-180.

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