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Effect of four different am fungi and Streptomyces inoculation on plant growth, biomass yield and chlorophyll content of Sorghum vulgare pers.

Chaitra B. Negalur1, H.C. Lakshman1 and M.N. Srinivasa2

1Microbiology Laboratory, P. G. Department of Studies in Botany, Karnatak University, Pavate Nagar, Dharwad - 580 003, Karnataka.2Department and Agricultural Microbiology, University of Agricultural Science, Dharwad-580005.Karnataka. - India.

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Received: 09-02-2016,
Revised: 19-03-2016,
Accepted: 26-03-2016

Streptomyces cellular extract and four different AM fungi inoculation was carried with Sorghum vulgare Pers. The results showed plants inoculated with AM fungi and streptomyces had influenced variedly with each fungus and with streptomyces, plant growth, biomass yield, percent root colonization, spore number and chlorophyll content was significantly higher in plants inoculated with streptomyces and Rhizophagus fasiculatus and it is followed with streptomyces with Glomus bagyarajii and which is followed streptomyces with Glomus macrocarpum respectively, compaired to noninoculated/control plant. Therefore it may be concluded that beneficially indigenous fungi associated with rhizosphere contained growth promoting rhizobacteria or streptomyces have gained more importance in promoting Sorghum vulgare Pers.

Sorghum vulgare Pers., Streptomyces, Rhizophagus fasiculatus, Glomus bagyarajii, Glomus macrocarpum.

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Chaitra B Negalur, HC Lakshman and MN Srinivasa, 2016. Effect of four different am fungi and Streptomyces inoculation on plant growth, biomass yield and chlorophyll content of Sorghum vulgare pers. Science Research Reporter, 6(1):80-85.

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