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Pharmacognostic evaluationof Oxalis corniculata L (Oxalidaceae)

Dharasurkar Anita N1  and Sutar  Sangeeta  S2

1Department Of Botany, P.V.P.College, Patoda. Dist. Beed (M.S.)India.
2Department Of Botany, Sir Sayyed College, Aurangabad (M.S.)India.

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Received: 10-12-2015,
Revised: 21-02-2016,
Accepted: 26-02-2016

The present study has been carried out on medicinally important plant Oxalis is a small, appressed at nodes, stem creeping and rooting at nodes, leaves are rich in Oxalic acid and are used in Ayurvedic medicine.It is commonly called as yellow wood sorrel, ambushi. to standardize the plant anatomical features such as anatomy of nodes, petioles and leaves and dermatological parameters were screened; in addition to these parameters the plant was screened phytochemically for major chemical groups such as volatile oil, starch, proteins, tannin, saponins, fats, glucosides and alkaloids.

Phytochemical analysis, Anatomy, Oxalidaceae, Oxalis.

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Dharasurkar Anita N1  and Sutar  Sangeeta  S2, 2016. Pharmacognostic evaluationof Oxalis corniculata L (Oxalidaceae). Science Research Reporter, 6(1):63-67.

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