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Volume 6, No. 1, Jan. 2015
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Impatiens morsei (Balsaminaceae): A newly recorded from Vietnam

Hoang Thanh Son*, Trinh Ngoc Bon, Nguyen Quang Hung, Pham Van Vinh and Cao Van Lang

Silviculture Research Institute, Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences Vietnam

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Received: 08-01-2016,
Revised: 12-03-2016,
Accepted: 21-03-2016

Impatiens morsei J. D. Hooker, a previously known species only in China, is newly recorded from Vietnam. It is found in primary limestone forest in Na Hang Nature Reserve, Tuyen Quang Province, Vietnam. Morphological redescription and illustrations are provided along with notes on habitat, distribution and phenology of the species.

Balsaminaceae, Impatiens, Impatiens morsei, new record, Vietnam

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Hoang Thanh Son, Trinh Ngoc Bon, Nguyen Quang Hung, Pham Van Vinh and Cao Van Lang, 2016. Impatiens morsei (Balsaminaceae): A newly recorded from Vietnam. Science Research Reporter, 6(1):01-03.

Editor: Dr. Umesh P. Mogle, Printed, Published and Owned by Dr. Umesh P. Mogle, Published from ‘Kaushalyaaie’, P. No. 43, Priyanka Residancy, Mantha Chaufulli Jalna 431203 (M.S.) India.

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