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Study of Some Myxomycetes Recorded from Ajanta region of Marathwada (Maharashtra) - II

Kharat G. T. 

Associate Professor and Head Dept. of Botany Moreshwar Arts, Science & Commerce College Bhokardan Dist. Jalna (M.S) – 431114

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Received: 10-12-2015,
Revised: 02-02-2016,
Accepted: 15-02-2016

The present paper deals with the study of Myxomycetes from Ajanta region of Marathwada. During the floristic study of the Myxomycetes of this region author come across a number of myxomycetes species. Present paper deals with the Second report in this series, In this paper four genera are being discussed with single species i.e. Hemitrichia serpula (Scop) Rost.,Metatrichia vesparium (Batsch) Nann-Brem., Physarina echinospora Thind & monacha and  Didymium floccosum Martin, Thind & Rehill.  Of these Hemitrichia serpula (Scop) Rost and Physarina echinospora Thind & monachadescribed for second time from Marathwada. M. vesparium (Batsch) Nann-Brem and Didymium floccosum Martin, Thind & Rehill. are being illustrated and described for the first time  From Maharashtra.

Slime-moulds, Myxomycetes, Marathwada, Hemitrichia, Physarina,

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