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Volume 7, No. 1, Jan. 2016
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Study of mutagenic efficiency of NMU in chick pea Cicer arietinum L

Kulthe M P

Department of Botany,
Milind College of Science, Nagsenvana, Aurangabad

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Received: 10-02-2016,
Revised: 19-03-2016,
Accepted: 20-03-2016

Chick pea is one of the important leguminous crop in the world. It caters the need of protein of millions of people . The seeds of chick pea variety Vishal was treated with a chemical mutagen Nitroso methyl urea(NMU). By observing frequency of mutations induced by Sodium azide the efficiency and effectiveness was determined. It was observed that by increasing the concentration of mutagen the mutagenic efficiency increases. Pollen sterility , lethality considered for recording variations in mutation rates.

Seed mycoflora, Pulses, Green gram, Black gram, Chick pea, Pigean pea .


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