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Plant regeneration from nodal explant of mulberry (Morus spp.) genotypes AGB24 and AGB43 through in vitro culture of axillary buds

Mrittika Sengupta1*, Melur Kodandaram Raghunath2, Pijush Mallick3 and S Ravindran4

1Department of Sericulture, Dinabandhu Andrews College, Raja S.C. Mullick Road, Kolkata 700084 India.
2,4Central Sericultural Research & Training Institute, Srirampura, Mysore 570008, India. 
3Division of Plant Biology, Bose Institute, P 1/12, C.I.T., Scheme VII M, Kakurgachhi, Kolkata 700054, India.

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Received: 09-08-2016
Revised: 29-09-2016
Accepted: 30-09-2016

Direct plants were regenerated through in vitro culture of nodal axillary buds from two different mulberry (Morus spp.) genotypes. The adventitious buds showed rapid multiplication of shoots and roots supplemented with cytokinin BAP 1.0 mg/l in MS and NAA 1.0 mg/l in ½ MS medium, respectively. The pH of the culture media was standardized and found 5.8 is the best for optimum growth in two genotypes. Among the two genotypes, AGB24 showed comparatively better results in sprouting percentage, shoot length, rooting percentage, root length etc. in in vitro condition where genotype AGB43 showed pH sensitive line. The combination of sand, soil, FYM at 2:1:1 ratio was found the best medium for hardening of in vitro derived plantlets which showed up to 70% survival ability during the field evaluation.

Axillary bud culture, In vitro regeneration, Mulberry plant, Phytohormone.

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Mrittika Sengupta, Melur Kodandaram Raghunath, Pijush Mallick and S Ravindran, 2016. Plant regeneration from nodal explant of mulberry (Morus spp.) genotypes AGB24 and AGB43 through in vitro culture of axillary buds. Science Research Reporter, 6(2):109-114.

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