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On a New species of Genus Stilesia, 1893 (Cestoda: Thysanosomidae) from Capra hircus

Sanap  N. P.

Department of Zoology, Sharadchandra Mahavidayalaya,Naigaon (Bz.) Nanded -431709. India

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Received: 01-03-2016
Revised: 05-06-2016
Accepted: 02-07-2016

The present communication deals with a new species collected from goat, Capra hircus, Gangakhed, Dist. Parbhani, M.S. (India). It differs from all the known species in scolex large, quadrangular,   mature segment squarish, broader than long  , testes 09 in number , cirrus pouch small, cirrus thin  , vas deferens thin, ovary oval ,  ootype round , genital pore small, oval ,   gravid segments medium, squarish, eggs oval ,paruterine organs big.

Stilesia, Capra hircus, Cestoda,   Gangakhed, India.

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Sanap  NP, 2016. On a New species of Genus Stilesia, 1893 (Cestoda: Thysanosomidae) from Capra hircus. Science Research Reporter, 6(2):132-135.

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