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Siddique E.N and Sarita Kumari

Department of Botany,VinobaBhave University, Hazaribag-825301, Jharkhand India

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Received: 11-08-2016
Revised: 16-09-2016
Accepted: 25-09-2016

BOKARO is a district lies at Latitude 23029’, Longitudes 86009’, Altitude 210 m. It was established in 1991 by carving out one subdivision consisting of two blocks from Dhanbad District and six blocks from Giridih District. Bokaro Steel City is the district headquarters. The district has a population of 17,75,961 (2001 census). Bokaro District is one of the most industrialized zone in India. Bokaro Steel City is also the Police HQ of Chhotanagpur Division. Bokaro district is one of the most important district of Jharkhand as it has BSL and other industries complexes. It is situated on National Highway 23 &125km away from states capital, Ranchi. Bokaro has a forest are of 53243.93 hectare; Annual rainfall is: Min.157cm/max 195cm, and Temp :Min-2’c winter/ max 45’C summer. This district under dense forest cover with high biodiversity it attracted a number of workers of different part of the world for the study of flora and fauna. During the last few centuries destruction of plants has been made due to Industrialization, urbanization etc. That causes some plants species are on verge of endangered, such as Ficushispida  ,Ficusracemosa L. , Adansoniadigitata Linn. . Hence conservation of what remain in the flora assume great importance and top priority. Keeping this dictum in mind in order to conserve we should know what we have today and what need to be protected. Therefore the present study aim at this objective. Present investigation planned to enumerated floristic survey of angiospermic tree in which I have study 60 families, 55 genera and 60 species. In which most commonly found trees are belonging to the family Annonaceae, Sterculiaceae, Meliaceae, Caesalpiniaceae, Mimosaceae, Bignoniaceae, and Moraceae.

Bokaro Flora, biodiversity, Medicinal uses

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