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Volume 2, Number 3, An open access issue published by, RUT Printer and Publisher Jalna (MS) India, on 27 Oct. 2012, Edited by Editor: Dr. Umesh P. Mogle.

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Growth response of Broiler finishers fed graded levels of cooked and fermented Castor oil Bean (Ricinus communis L) meal
Agbabiaka L A

183 - 186


GC-MS analysis of ethanol extract of Sarcostemma secamone (L) Bennet (Asclepiadaceae)
Thanga Krishna Kumari S, Muthukumarasamy S and Mohan V R

187 - 191


Isolation and characterization of bacteria from a heavy metal polluted environment
J. Joonu and Horne Iona Averal

192 - 197

4 GC-MS determination of Bioactive compounds of Curculigo orchioides Gaertn.
Daffodil E D,  Uthayakumari F K, Mohan V R
198 - 201


Production of Ligninolytic Enzymes during Solid State Fermentation of Coffee Pulp by Selected Fungi
K. Parani and M. Eyini

202 - 209


Fiber dimension and chemical contents of fiber from Passiflora foetida, L. and their suitability in paper production
Brindha D, Vinodhini S and Alarmelumangai K

210 - 212


An approach towards control of Blast by Foliar application of Seaweed concentrate
G. Flora and S. Maria Victorial Rani 

213 - 217


Exploration of ethno medicinal plants in Shevgaon, Dist. Ahmednagar (MS) India
Chhaya Bhalshankar

218 - 220


Soil Mycoflora of Some Kharif (Monsoon) Crops of Nanded Districts
Shekh N. F., Mohrir M. N. and B. D. Gachande

221 - 224


Cultivation of Pleurotus sajor-caju on different agro wastes
S. S. Patil

225 – 228


Water Quality Index and multivariate analysis for Groundwater quality assessment of villages of Rural India
Tambekar D. H. and B. B. Neware

229 - 235


Survey of Bryophytes in Rice fields of Bhor and Velhe region
Savita A. Gaikwad, Anuradha S. Upadhye, Dilipkumar K. Kulkarni, Anup Deshpande and D. R.  Shirke

236 – 238

13 In vitro Antioxidant potential of methanol extract of Dioscorea oppositifolia
Paulpriya K and Mohan V.R.
239 -245


Preliminary screening for plant disease suppression by plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria
Preeti Saini

246 - 250


Study on floral parts and male female flower ratio of the Jatropha curcus L. and Jatropha gossypifolia L. of North-eastern region of India
N. K. Gam and S.P. Borah

251 - 255


Life history of mycophagous thrips Elaphrothrips procer (Schmutz)
(Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae)

S. M. Nagrale

256 - 259


Diversity and distribution of the genus Phalaenopsis Blume (ORCHIDACEAE) in Assam, India
Khyanjeet Gogoi, Raju das and Rajendra Yonzone

260 – 264


Effect of fungal metabolite of some Rhizosphere soil fungi on seed germination of and seedling growth of some Pulses and Cereals
V. Jalander and B. D. Gachande

265 – 267


Studies on antimicrobial potential of medicinal plants from Lonar Lake
Tambekar D. H.,  D. S. Jaitalkar  and M. V. Kavitkar

268 – 273


Analysis of Gastrointestinal parasites of Poultry Birds around Chikhli, Buldana (M.S.) India
M. B. Sonune

274 - 276


Antibacterial activity of Mucuna atropurpurea. DC.
Murugan M and Mohan V R

277- 280


Role of Fenvalerate on Growth and Yield of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
singh Mamta and S. D. Narkhede

281 – 285


Determination of Phytocomponents by GC – MS in leaves of Jatropha gossypifolia L.
Bharathy V, B. Maria Sumathy and F. Uthayakumari

286 – 290


Research Note
Broccoli – An underexploited neutraceutical
Voomika Mukherjee and P.K.Mishra

291 – 294


Phaius luridus Thwaites (ORCHIDACEAE): A new record for Assam, India
Khyanjeet Gogoi, Raju Das and Rajendra Yonzone

295 – 297


Amorphophallus konkanensis Hett. Yadav & Patil. A new record from Madhya Pradesh, India
Shaikh Mujaffar, Shakun Mishra and C.M. Solanki

298 - 301


Colourant potential of Ricinius communis (L) on silk and cotton cloth
Rupali Deshpande and Alka Chaturvedi

302 – 306

28 Preliminary phtochemical screening of some indigenous medicinal plant leaves extract in regulation of antidiabetic activity
Ruchi R. Sharma
307 - 310


Effect of allelopathic leaf extract of some selected weed flora of Ajmer District on seed germination of Triticum aestivum L.
Gupta Ankita and Mittal Chabbi

311 -  315


Zinc metal caused Hexokinase variations in different brainregions of teleosts and influence of Spirulina platensis with the special reference of detoxification
Avinash Nichat,   V. K. Kakaria and S. A. Shaffi

316 - 320


Efficacy of bioagents and fungicides on seed mycoflora, germination and vigour index of Cowpea
Umesh P. Mogle and Sanjay R. Maske


Editor: Dr. Umesh P. Mogle, Printed, Published and Owned by Dr. Umesh P. Mogle, Published from ‘Kaushalyaaie’, P. No. 43, Priyanka Residancy, Mantha Chaufulli Jalna 431203 (M.S.) India.

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