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Page Number

Effect of certain plant growth regulators on the seedling survival, biomass production and proline content of Bambusa arundinacea
 Rashmi Vamil, Aniat-ul-haq,  R K Agnihotri and Rajendra Sharma

44 – 48

Chemical Investigations of Polygala Chinensis L. by GC-MS
Alagammal M, Tresina Soris P and Mohan V R

49 - 52

A new species of the genus conarete Pitchard from (M.S.) India
T H Shaikh, M S Siddiqui, K A Najam, N P Sanap and  V D Deshpande

53 - 55

Evaluation of medicinal and nutritional components from the Eleagnus conferta fruit
p B Dandge, P J Kasabe and R M Patil

56 - 60

Gloriosa Superba – An Endangered plant spotted for the first time from forest of Tpchanchi,  Hazaribag (Jharkhand) India
Hari Shankar Lal and  P K Mishra

61 - 64

New Five Species of the Myxomycetes recorded from the South-East Region of Maharashtra (India)
Tembhurne R R and S P Nanir

65 - 68

Antibacterial activity of Mucuna pruriens (L.) Dc. var. pruriens – an Ethnomedicinal Plant
Murugan M and Mohan V R

69 – 72

A new species of genus cotugnia murhari sp. nov. from Columbia livia at Wasmat Dist Parbhani (M. S.) India
Sanap N P,  Patil D P,  Siddiqui M S

73 – 76

Comparative study of aerobic and anaerobic composts prepared from autumn leaves of Zea mays L.
Pratap Naikwade, Umesh Mogle and Bharati Jadhav

77 – 82

Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination of Copper (II) using 1-phenyl-1-hydrazonyl-2-oximino propane –1, 2 –dione
Prafullachandra Tekale, Smruti Tekale, Sudheer Lingayat and P N Pabrekar

83 – 87

Survey of market storage diseases of some important fruits of Osmannabad District (M. S.) India
U N Bhale

88 - 91

Antimicrobial Activity of Leaf extract of Andrographis paniculata Wall

Hosamani P A, Lakshman H C, Sandeepkumar K and  Rashmi C Hosamani

92 – 95

Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Management of Black Bundle Disease of Maize caused by Cephalosporium acremonium
Veerabhadraswamy A L and Rajkumar H Garampalli

96 – 100

In vitro Effects of protienaceous alpha amylase inhibitors on red flour Beetle, Tribolium castaneum
Nazia Khan

101 – 104

Studies of some structural and transition metal complexes of Phenylazo-acetoacetanilide
Deepa D Parab and A Y Desai

105 – 107

Auxin and IAA oxidase activity related to the leaves gall formation in some forest trees
J P Gupta

108 – 111

Study of heterotrophic Bacteria in the surface water of Champavathi Estuary (AP) India
M Sridevi

112 - 114

Editor: Dr. Umesh P. Mogle, Printed, Published and Owned by Dr. Umesh P. Mogle, Published from ‘Kaushalyaaie’, P. No. 43, Priyanka Residancy, Mantha Chaufulli Jalna 431203 (M.S.) India.

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