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The Main aim of this Journal is to provide platform to the students, young researcher and senior scientists, those who are actively engaged in the Science and Technology. It is dedicated to the advancement of scientific knowledge and recent technologies for the management and improvement of all interdisciplinary fields of Sciences. The Journal Science Research Reporter publishes Half Yearly (print + online), i. e. in the month of April and October. However, the editor reserves the right to publish the Journal as a whole or in parts depending upon the material and the finances available. JSRR promotes original research papers, reviews, short notes and any technical article.
  Life Sciences, Biophysics, Physics, Chemistry, Horticulture, Bioinformatics, Agriculture, Fishery Sciences, Forestry, Food Science, Veterinary Sciences, Biotechnology, Medical Sciences, Environmental Science. Related interdisciplinary areas will be considered for publication in Science Research Reporter. Submission of a research paper in JSRR implies that has not previously been published and not been submitted for publication elsewhere. At the time of submission of Research paper send agreement form along with subscription form. The published research papers will become the copyright of the publisher.

* The editor, owner, printer and publisher does not accept any responsibility regarding unsolicited publication material, authenticity of data, statement, inaccurate data, opinions, results and view expressed by the authors in articles are of their own and not of Science Research Reporter.

* They do not watch any claim for made by the advertisement of products and services. They do not accept any delay delivery or publication of the periodicals due to unforeseen circumstances.

* The editor reserves the right to suitably modify, accept or reject of research papers for publication, proof may not be necessary to send the authors and reprints would not be supplied.

*The Journal will be posted by ordinary post only, however it can be sent by speed or registered post, if subscribers pay extra charges in advance.
*All disputes are subjected to the jurisdiction of district Jalna (M. S.) India only.

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    To the extent possible under law, waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Journal. This work is published from: India.